"Phryne before the Chicago tribunal" by Bernhard Gillam (top image) was an 1884 US political cartoon showing Democratic Nominee for President, James G. Blaine shamefully presented to his peers, indelibly inked in scandals. It’s a parody of Jean-Léon Gérôme 1861 painting, "Phryne revealed before the Areopagus" (bottom image) which shows Phryne, a famous courtesan of Athens, being disrobed before the Areopagus. Blaine’s financial corruption led to the rise of The Mugwumps. They were disaffected and insecure elite Northern Republican political activists (Henry Adams, Thomas Nast, Mark Twain, Louis Brandeis, etc.) who bolted from the GOP to support the Democratic candidate, Grover Cleveland. It’s still one of my favorite political cartoons.